The Value Plus Service

Grant Sellers, Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers

The Value Plus Service

This is where we truly differentiate ourselves by offering this add on consultancy service.

Preparing a costing model for your business

Knowing your true gross profit margins on all your products or services is the key to maximising profitability. This is now more important than ever given that maintaining existing margins will be challenging.

We have considerable expertise in this area, particularly in applying sophisticated excel modelling to the figures we extract from your accounting records.

We work with management to understand your business and ensure that the correct principles are applied in your costing model.

The interaction with management will then allow us to prepare a comprehensive model that is user friendly and unique to your business which will ultimately be used to improve your business’s competitive advantage.

Due Diligence on your business

We offer a tailored service and we assist with investigating and assessing the risks within your business and provide feedback and recommendations on any concerns that you may have.

This will be presented in a concise report. We identify the factors affecting the current valuation of your business.

Preparation of business plans

We incorporate your financial information and ideas to develop a unique business plan outlining your long-term goals and strategies.

As the famous Benjamin Franklin once said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

So, it is very important to plan with built-in flexibility.

Unit Economics for SaaS (Software as a Service) Businesses

We have expertise in the special valuation methods used to value fast-growing Tech businesses, a rapidly expanding sector of the market in the UK and US.

We can assist the management of such business with developing a model in calculating these two metrics:

  • LTV – the life value of a customer
  • CAC – the cost to acquire a customer