Bookkeeping on “Steroids”

Grant Sellers, Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers

Bookkeeping on “Steroids”

We can help you in one of two ways…

Bookkeeping Level 1

By taking over the function entirely so relieving you of the chore you do not enjoy doing or managing

Bookkeeping Level 2

Or reviewing your existing system to see if it meets your needs, and making recommendations to your procedures and processes to make it fit for purpose, and assisting in implementing the changes recommended

Choose the level that suits your business…

In Level 1, you will be getting much more than a standard bookkeeping function that merely prepares records for the purposes of compliance. We will ensure that your accounting records are accurate and up to date, a requirement both commercially and legally.

In our experience, it is not always a foregone conclusion that accounting data is processed correctly and on a timely basis. Errors made can be costly if the decisions are based on the incorrect profits reflected in your accounting records.

The reasons for shortcomings often termed the “Cinderella of the accounting function” is that

the accounting function is delegated to inexperienced staff or outsourced merely to reduce costs to companies that don’t have
the required skillset.

In Level 2, your bookkeeping function will receive a thorough review by our qualified experts and a series of recommendations will be made to suggest improvements to the accounting systems and processing functions that are in place.

The main advantage of the service offered is that our team will interact directly with you becoming an integral part of your business. This interaction will result in the preparation of accurate records and better decision making.

We ensure that your accounting records are accurate and up to date.

We remove the errors. Errors made can be costly in terms of money lost and conclusions being drawn that are wrong.

We provide a thorough review and will make a series of recommendations on where improvements to the accounting system and its processes can be made.

We’ll show you how to use the accurate financial information to make informed decisions.