Cash Flow Reporting

Grant Sellers, Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers

Cash Flow Reporting

Often considered, sometimes prepared and regarded as a luxury by most businesses and second place to the Profit & Loss account.

We will work with management to develop a realistic and robust cash flow forecast recording the inflows and outflows of cash which allows for variations to be considered as the months go by. The cash flow is not a static document to be prepared and then filed away.

It is a live document that should predict your cash flow needs so that unexpected emergency funding is avoided. Cash is the lifeblood of a business and not to recognise this is negligent and foolhardy.

It is possible your customers will take longer to pay, if they are taking longer to get paid themselves.

That could be the price of continuing to do business with them, on the assumption that the likely risk of them defaulting has been discounted. There will be other customers whom the business chooses not to do any further business with due to uncertainty about payment. Part invoicing for work so as to match supplier inputs could help avoid unnecessary advancing of VAT Output tax.

We consider that a whole new forensic and strategic approach will need to be adopted to managing your cash position in the future. Larger cash requirements will need to be considered if there are supply chain issues caused by a combination of Brexit and Covid-19.

We will ensure that we look at the cash flow cycle at different stages in your business and will assist with preparing:

We ensure that your accounting records are accurate and up to date.

We remove the errors. Errors made can be costly in terms of money lost and conclusions being drawn that are wrong.

We can also assist with monitoring your performance against the cash flow budget and assist you to understand the factors that created a variance to your original forecast.