The Marketing Skills You Need To Succeed

Here are some of the marketing skills you need to succeed.

Marketing is fundamental to business success, but when you break it down, it’s really just bunch of science experiments.

You will try many things and wonder if anything you create is ever actually going to work, and then wham, the new campaign brings home the money. Suddenly all your hard work has paid off.

So how do you increase your odds of success and find more of those Eureka moments that we’re all searching for?

This guide will start you off in the right direction.

1. Learn everything you can about your potential clients.

Learn about their needs and wants and see what you can do to provide them with what they want. If you don’t have what they want, start to look into and offer them exceptional complimentary services. Market research at the start of a marketing campaign is essential. Without it, you’re going to miss your target.

2. Have a process in place for sustained marketing input.

Monitor your time and whether you have time for marketing every day. If you only have time on specific week days, just have a process that will feed your marketing pipeline flow. The important thing to remember is to take action on a regular basis, and never stop.

3. Place value on, and invest in your marketing.

Begin with small experiments but continue moving forward. If you stop your actions, the process flow will stop. In the long term, see what is an attractive investment? Find out how much money, time and energy is required. You must have the correct monitoring and management in place. Remember; you can’t manage what you don’t measure!

4. Keep a record of your marketing actions.

Marketing statistics or analytics are so important, so make sure you keep some very simple stats.
How many responses did you get? How many in a day? What is your target? Where can you improve? etc. Take a look at the overall results. Manage your own expectation of your marketing activity. Sometimes the aim of an isolated action is just to get your company’s name or brand out there. It may be to shift the public opinion in your favour. You may not generate clients from this particular action but simply shift an overall market sector feeling about your service or your company.
Always know what the true goal of your marketing action is.

5. Experiment and shift strategies.

Improve your strategies according to the prospect’s response. Use your intuition and try things! If something isn’t working, shift your mindset and try something else!
Every time you try, you succeed in learning something new.

6. Keep learning and use sources of inspiration and knowledge.

Knowledge breads confidence and learning something new every day will give you the confidence to keep moving forward. There is no failure in marketing; it’s just a bunch of science experiments remember! Of course not everything you try will work, but make sure you learn something from the activities that didn’t work. If you do nothing, you learn nothing; if you do something, you learn everything. Subscribe to newsletters, get advice from the experts, stay informed and follow trends. Stay aware of what is going on in your field and learn from the masters.

7. Develop new tools.

Have a website, newsletter, social channels, videos, fliers, business cards, brochures etc. If you already have all these tools and they are not yet effective and efficient, perfect them, make them better.

8. Enjoy the process!

Marketing is about flow and action. You won’t sustain it in the long term if you are not having fun with it. Find out fast what works for your sector and apply it! Play to your strengths. If you’re not succeeding because you don’t enjoy it, then change the dynamic by changing the person. Outsource this function, work with partners or a coach, or recruit someone in your business to continue the process. Doing nothing or stopping and starting is not an option. Marketing is an integral part of your business success.

9. Accept the marketing laws.

It is often about competition and learning to compete. Some things cannot be shifted in the business world. Be different and set yourself apart from your competition. Have you noticed that your industry is changing and evolving? If it is, get familiar with it! Most business owners will be successful in an up market. Some will also be successful in a down market. But the really great business owners and entrepreneurs are the ones who are successful when their market is really up against it. Business success is about your products and services solving problems for your customers. If you can continue to provide value and solve problems even at the worst times, then you truly have something special.

10. Develop and maintain your marketing vehicle.

Your marketing vehicle is the sum of all your marketing skills put together. It is the vehicle you are in when you play that role. Continue to develop the skills you will need and identify and fill what is still missing. Keep learning, keep discovering and most of all, have fun!

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