Kirsty Lester, Sunbeams Day Care

Sunbeams Day Care

I brought in Grant Sellers’ consultants to carry out a SWOT Analysis exercise for my Day Care business. During the session, I found that both Stephen and Matt were very proactive in identifying our issues and providing insightful recommendations to resolving them.

The most valuable areas that were identified were the fact that we are and will continue to be put under financial pressure by the Government.  Grant Sellers helped me to understand not just my current financial position but also how we can now forensically look at our finances to identify where we are profitable and where we can make improvements to the current model to protect our business going forward.

In addition to revealing improvements to our staffing structure, we also identified two new business opportunities which I am currently pursuing, again with the help of Grant Sellers.  These are both exciting opportunities and have provided me with a greater feeling of control on my and my business’s future.

On the back of the value brought to me and my business from the initial meeting, I decided to engage with Grant Sellers to help me implement the opportunities that were uncovered during the session and to also act as a continued support and mentor to me and my business.

I definitely recommend to any organisation that they invest a small amount of their time in the SWOT session, you won’t be disappointed.  Having worked with Grant Sellers now on continued projects, I would not hesitate to recommend these guys to any business owner who wants to improve their situation.