Grant Sellers Testimonials

Jerome, JMDB Group

We have been using Grant Sellers bookkeeping services since June 2017 after having difficulty keeping on top of our bookkeeping. Grant Sellers have completely taken the stress away, as they are constantly in communication with us about what information they need and what our obligations are.

As a result it has helped to free up my time to concentrate on other areas of the business.  I’d definitely recommend their bookkeeping services.

Helen, A’Courts Hair Salon

A'Courts Hair Salon

I have used Grant Sellers’ Payroll Services for the last 3 years. They are a pleasure to deal with and are always ready and willing to answer my questions – allowing me to make the right decisions for the business.  They have completely taken away the stress of having to deal with the payroll ourselves.

Needs arising from the arrival of new personnel and the departure of employees are always met, and changes implemented with patience. Grant Sellers’ response to enquiries and questions is timely, and our payroll reports are produced with both accuracy and speed.

With the time I’ve saved by not having to do this myself, I now concentrate on other areas of the business that need my attention.  I would recommend Grant Sellers as a first point of contact for any organisation contemplating outsourcing their payroll.

Kirsty Lester, Sunbeams Day Care

Sunbeams Day Care

I brought in Grant Sellers’ consultants to carry out a SWOT Analysis exercise for my Day Care business. During the session, I found that both Stephen and Matt were very proactive in identifying our issues and providing insightful recommendations to resolving them.

The most valuable areas that were identified were the fact that we are and will continue to be put under financial pressure by the Government.  Grant Sellers helped me to understand not just my current financial position but also how we can now forensically look at our finances to identify where we are profitable and where we can make improvements to the current model to protect our business going forward.

In addition to revealing improvements to our staffing structure, we also identified two new business opportunities which I am currently pursuing, again with the help of Grant Sellers.  These are both exciting opportunities and have provided me with a greater feeling of control on my and my business’s future.

On the back of the value brought to me and my business from the initial meeting, I decided to engage with Grant Sellers to help me implement the opportunities that were uncovered during the session and to also act as a continued support and mentor to me and my business.

I definitely recommend to any organisation that they invest a small amount of their time in the SWOT session, you won’t be disappointed.  Having worked with Grant Sellers now on continued projects, I would not hesitate to recommend these guys to any business owner who wants to improve their situation.

Steve Wilson, Moore Wilson Limited

Moore-Wilson Limited

We are a mature and successful business and I have to admit that I was a little sceptical of what improvements would come out of my time spent with Grant Sellers.  I must say, I am glad I invested the time and to support that decision further, I have engaged with Grant Sellers to act as a support and mentoring partner to the company to assist us in our strategy going forward.  The consultants have been able to make an immediate impact on our business, particularly in helping us to improve our sales structure and identify a way, over time in releasing me from an operational sales role.

Grant Sellers continues to keep a firm understanding of our needs at the centre of their work at all times. They have been excellent at advising us on several possible courses of action while helping us determine which direction most closely aligns with our abilities and plans.

Without any hesitation I would recommend that you get in contact with Grant Sellers.

Nigel Palmer, Wright Rain Environmental Limited

Wright Rain

Part way through my SWOT session with Grant Sellers, it became apparent that we had quite a few improvements to make to our business. There were many light bulb moments that have actually now turned into some very good enhancements to the business. In a short space of time, I was able to see where the business had been travelling off course and how to put it back on track again.  As a business owner, you can easily get carried away with your operational role and this session and the continued support I have from Grant Sellers has provided me with renewed motivation and energy to push on and develop the business I want.

Needless to say, Grant Sellers has become our resource of choice for Wright Rain Environmental’ needs. I consider them a part of our extended team.

Julian Ahmed, Fahren Limited


Stephen and Matt have been very professional in their work with us at Fahren Limited. They were able to quickly grasp what we wanted to achieve as a business and had some great ideas on how to realise our goals. A big reveal for me was the realisation that we need to improve our internal sales process. Not only did the guys help me to understand where we were not performing to the standards I would want, but also exactly how we can go about achieving the improvements.

I highly recommend Grant Sellers and since the SWOT meeting, I have actually engaged with them to continue supporting me and the business.  We are already working on some exciting marketing projects and we are currently making the relevant changes that will improve our sales performance.

Chris Wilkinson, Expert HR Solutions

Stephen has been involved with my company since its inception over 18 months ago when he helped me establish it as a Limited VAT registered company, a task he did without fuss or bother and for a very reasonable price. As a result I asked him to be my Accountant. His team was patience personified when it came to preparing the Statutory Accounts for my first year. I may not have been the client from hell, but I had managed to lose a few invoices and at least one Bank Statement, not to mention getting myself in a right mess over VAT and mileage claims. These have all been reconciled. His team took me through the accounts explaining all of the issues and offering great encouragement when I expressed disappointment at failing to meet my first year turnover target.

Without any pressure they explained how they could help my cash flow in year two and leave me free to work on the business instead of in it. They now manage my books and I have a much clearer picture of cash flow, profitability and projections to year end.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Grant Sellers as the Accountants who take the stress out of financial reporting, do what they say they will do and when they say it will be done by for the price they quote.