Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Services

A business without a marketing strategy is a business living in the hope that their product or service will sell. At Grant Sellers we create a marketing plan that delivers fast results for your business.

Our approach will provide you with fresh ideas to grow your business, increase your brand awareness and improve your sales.

A Marketing plan is a fundamental part of any marketing tactical process. It is created in line with your business’ strategy and monitored at a series of key points during the implementation of your plans.

We consider both the internal and external influences on your marketing plans, as well as conducting a review of any past and current marketing activities you may have in place.

Our Marketing services will help you to:

  • Find more customers, grow your business and in turn put more on the bottom line
  • Spend less time and money on other less effective marketing activities
  • Manage and monitor your marketing more effectively
  • Simply make your business work for you – not you for it

Marketing Services

  • Creation of your Marketing Strategy including tactics and activities
  • Audit and advice on the effectiveness of your current marketing plan
  • E-mail nurture campaigns
  • Set up and management of on-line digital sales funnels including digital landing pages
  • Set up and management of Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Set up and management of LinkedIn advertising campaigns
  • Set up of social media channels including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest

So, if you’re struggling to generate new clients or you’re finding it hard to communicate effectively with your customers and want to make better use of your marketing budget to get a fantastic return on investment, then start by contacting us to see how we will be able to assist you.

Our Experience

Over the past 10 years we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you create truly successful growing businesses that generate more freedom for you and increased levels of profit through highly effective marketing strategies and tactics.

We have vast experience in helping entrepreneurial businesses, of all sizes including:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Retail businesses
  • Construction companies
  • Professional practices
  • Service companies
  • Consultancy businesses
  • Lifestyle businesses
  • Larger corporations

We will find and build upon your business’s strengths and identify opportunities you may have never even considered before. We will unlock the potential in your business and we’ll help you avoid the number 1 costly mistake that keeps most businesses from growing and sabotages sales.