My Day At The Chewton Glen

I luckily had the chance to attend the Executive Association Solent networking event at The Chewton Glen.

This was a great experience as I was able to meet local business owners, enjoy an excellent meal and develop a relationship with one of our clients, Kristy Davies-Sumpter from Zest Consultancy.

 Chewton Glen

The Chewton Glen is a luxury Country House Hotel & Spa. In 2018 it has won 13 awards including Food & Travel Readers Awards 2018 with Best Overall Hotel and Rural Hotel of the year. Nestled on the fringe of the New Forest, Chewton Glen is an idyllic retreat with a sparkling history. Therefore, when I got the chance to attend an event here, I knew it would be an exciting opportunity.


We started off the day by being met with Trisha, one of the main organisers of the event who gave us our name badges and escorted us towards a number of business people. This was where all the attendees were meeting before the main event. Here we got the chance to speak to many different business owners from the area. I got to speak about my role at Grant Sellers and how our mission is to use social media as a platform to support clients efficiently and cater for all their needs. This was a great chance to chat and see what other businesses in the area are doing. Many people were very interested in our new social media marketing strategy and wished they were doing the same.

Main Ceremony


When we finished in the greeting room we were guided into the main dining area where we were seated by the master of ceremony. The table we sat on had four other members and guests. The members of the Executive Association Solent had to introduce themselves and their guests to the room. This was a good chance to see if there were any businesses that you could connect with.


After lunch there was a guest speaker called Graham Woods. He told an interesting story about the ups and downs from the past 35 years in the jewellery making industry. He spoke about how he became a CEO of Faberge UK and Australasia. He has an entrepreneurial perspective and was eager to take risks during his career that eventually paid off. He was passionate and his story was very inspiring. One of his main points was what he said about branding. He explained how important it is to market with a story of the brand, “Don’t just be a name, create a brand”. Branding is one of the most important parts of a company.

Overall it was an excellent day with great company and amazing food.


Top right – Stephen Sellers, Alan Lindstorm (Kalan Media), Wayne Spolander (Frettens Solicitors)

Left – Kristy Davies-Sumpter (Zest Consultancy), Stephen Sellers, Juliet Coleman.

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