Marketing tools you cannot afford to be without

Marketing is the creation and generation of potential customers.  It’s also the process of developing and retaining clients and strategies for your marketplace.  Staying ahead of the curve and presenting your services from your customer’s point of view is vital for any marketing campaign to be a success.

Develop a ‘Vision Statement’.

In the early stages of your business you will need to have a vison statement that you can focus on. Your vision statement will remind you of what type of clients and what type of work you want to do.  Many business owners can go off in different directions because they are taking every project or new piece of business that may come along.  This could disrupt your forward momentum.  If you have a plan, work on it not against it. 

Do you have an effective ‘Statement of Introduction’?

There’s nothing worse than loosing someone in the first stages of your introduction.  First impressions count remember!  A statement of introduction allows you to make that powerful first impression during the first 5-8 seconds during a meeting with someone you have just met. You should be able to effectively convey what you do, how you do it, and what the benefit is to the listener.

Is there an opportunity to develop a niche?

What differentiates you from the rest?  Can you create a niche that allows you to be different from your competitors, places you ahead of the game and sets you apart from the rest of the pack?  Focusing on a niche will allow you to fine-tune your skills to be the best in your niche area. You will become well known for this and prospective clients will seek you out.

Your CRM will be your golden egg!

If you don’t have one, get one!  A quality CRM System is there for you to input everything you need to know about a client or prospective client.  It is vital to be able to remember important events in the client’s lifecycle and what your last contact was with a prospective client.  You will also be able to develop a prospect list that you can use when you are sending out a newsletter or other digital campaign.  It will include who responded to what and why.

Conference Call …do you use it?

The Call-Conferencing phone feature is an inexpensive way to bring an expert/colleague onto a call that you are having with a client or prospective client for the times when a question or issue arises that needs an immediate answer.  It’s a great way of being pro-active and dealing with the opportunities there and then.

Do you send out an engaging newsletter?

Regular communication is a must in business.  Your relationship with your clients is paramount in my opinion.  One question which always spurs me into action is this, ‘If you’re not talking to your clients, who is?  A newsletter or other form of regular communication that your clients, potential clients and influencers can receive on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis will enable you to keep your name and what you are doing in the forefront of their minds.  You must be the first person they think of when they are looking into the particular product or service that you provide.

We are still in a digital revolution…it’s time to embrace this!

Your website and social media channels are a reference point for your products and services.  Your web site will also offer the visitor opportunities to download printed materials, articles, information, services, a biography, a free added-value gift and anything else that is available from you.  Let your website create the ‘Push-Pull’ effect by developing a database for generating leads and future clients for you.

Givers Gain

Provide your clients with unexpected small gifts, preferably those with a link to your business and your name imprinted on it.  Send these out as free gifts or as incentives if your clients/prospective clients respond to something you have organised or sent out to them.  It is a great way of adding value before you have actually met a prospective client and again shows that you are Being Different.  You can also provide educational material that provides value and creates a givers gain culture in your marketing efforts.

Do you have a ‘First Impressions’ kit?

This is something so simple and yet incredibly powerful.  When you have visited a prospective client and you have impressed them with your ‘Statement of Introduction’ leave them with something that prolongs the positive experience that they have just had.  The ‘First Impressions’ kit will include things like any media publicity that you have had, client testimonials or case studies and free gifts etc.  Leaving this behind with your new client will enable them to feel a connection to you right away.  Create a lasting impression in every meeting you have.

You don’t have to be a writer, but!

Write! Write! Write!

Make time and write articles on topics that you specialise in.  Write press releases about your business that you can submit on a regular basis to local, regional and national media.   You have trained long and hard to get to where you are so write reports and news items which your market place will find newsworthy, valuable and informative.  Add this content across all of your social media platforms too.  Create your own PR and attract the right people to you.  Remember your vision statement; who do you want to work with?

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