10 Ways To Triple Your Effectiveness In A Week

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1. Expect twice as much from others as you expect from yourself.

Don’t hold your productivity back by assuming your team won’t or can’t do twice as much as you can. Let go of the fear of consequence and get used to hearing people say no to you from time to time.

2. Ask for exactly what you want and need and by a time that you most want it.

Having a ‘Same-Day’ culture around you where everyone thinks in terms of immediate response, resolution and request fulfilment can really work. By raising standards and sharing with people why what you need is so important, you can actually interest them to help you on-the-spot.

3. Have a list of people of whom you can immediately delegate tasks, problems, and ideas to.

Have key people standing by and ensure that you properly hand off new projects or tasks and check that the correct accountability is in place.

4. Get the information you need immediately.

Don’t wait and don’t be put off. When you hear ‘no,’ consider ‘no’ to be the beginning of the conversation and not the end. Ask for immediate attention or resolution and ask for an exception where appropriate. If needed, schedule a call-back time when the answer or information you seek will be available.

5. Take your normal appointment block time and cut it in half.

If you schedule 1 hour meetings, cut them back to 30 minutes. Instant productivity on both sides is achieved. Shorter and more focused time means more will get done, usually without the stress that longer meetings can have.

6. Respond to problems with 3 times as many resources as are needed.

High levels of productivity occur in problem free zones. Invest time and resources into solving the source of problems as opposed to placing a sticky plaster on things. Problem-solving needs to be an investment in your company and not an expense.

7. Stop tolerating what you don’t like.

You can accommodate and compromise, but don’t drop your standards or shrink your boundaries. Productivity and tolerating do not mix.

8. Always keep your word.

Enjoy living on the plus side of the performance scale. Keep the integrity high. Productivity naturally increases in an environment full of integrity.

9. Beef up your systems.

True productivity occurs when you have quality systems in place. In other words, automate and systematise things so that results simply occur by themselves, through others or through technology. Find ways to handle an increasing flow.

10. Sometimes it is good to reject requests.

Learn to negotiate or say no at those times when saying yes is likely to burden you.

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