The Habits of Strategic Thinkers

To be strategic is to be innovative, resourceful, purposeful and intentional which is why so many top businesses use a strategic planning process to distance themselves from the competition.

It is still surprising however how many business owners do not adopt a strategic planning process and do not have any form of written business objectives or goals.

Spending a small yet vital amount of quality time working on the business has a huge benefit in the overall achievement of your goals.

Companies and individuals find immense value in defining a clear vision of their objectives, identifying where the greatest opportunities lie, creating strategic implementation projects and implementing action plans that are geared for optimum results and success.

The one added ingredient that enhances the achievement of the strategy is to work with a coach or mentor who will help you to start the planning cycle, repeat and consistently implement your agreed actions and who will hold you accountable to the actions set so that progress is always made. Isn’t it great to know that you will be doing the things that your competition won’t thus providing you with a consistent competitive advantage.

If you want to become more strategic add these habits to your collection of skills and invest in your very own business strategy and coach. Then simply watch your success soar!


  1. Capitalise on strengths and minimise your weaknesses – Understand your core competencies and use them to your best advantage.  Invest time with others who excel in the areas where you are less competent.
  2. Maintain a self-responsible attitude – Strategic thinkers live by the saying, if it is to be, it’s up to me.
  3. Use your intuition – Strategic thinkers consider intuition to be the product of past experience, observations and projections. From this vantage point they are able to develop a filter of sensitivity to probable solutions.
  4. Have a clear sense of purpose – Strategic thinkers start at the end. They know exactly what the outcome is and what they want to accomplish before they begin and determine appropriate actions based on how well it will help them achieve the desired results. I call this ‘Destination Planning’.
  5. Learn to identify or create better alternatives and solutions – By thinking strategically, barriers are removed and possibilities are considered.
  6. Maintain a ‘What’s Right’ positive perspective – Strategic thinkers manage their business from a position of strength by focusing on what’s working. With this mindset, it allows for new solutions or improvements to be created without jeopardising an existing competitive edge.
  7. Lead the way and take initiative – Strategic thinking promotes ideas that are new and often unproven. As an innovator, a strategic thinker creates greater resources and therefore market value and advantage.
  8. Welcome risks and become comfortable with the unknown – To a strategic thinker, risk is nothing more than information or experience that is not yet fully understood. It is a learning opportunity and something that can be managed using intuition, a ‘What’s Right’ outlook, and the ability to adapt and create improved solutions.
  9. Promote and encourage innovation and change – Strategic thinkers look for constant improvement. If something is good, they want to know how to make it even better. Don’t ever get complacent in your business. Competition and change is always just around the corner.
  10. Deliver results, results, results – Strategic thinkers can adapt to changing technology trends, market conditions, industry concerns, budget restrictions and basic challenges of life. With these habits and more, they continue to persevere until they succeed!

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