Free Marketing Audit

Increase your exposure and improve your sales with fresh ideas to grow your business.

The Marketing Audit is a fundamental part of any marketing planning process. It is conducted not only at the beginning of the process, but also at a series of key points during the implementation of any plans.

The marketing audit considers both the internal and external influences on your marketing plans, as well as a review of any past and current marketing activities you have in place.

The basis of the Marketing Audit is designed to answer the following question, ‘How effective are your current marketing activities?’

We will conduct an audit of the following three key areas

  • The Internal Marketing Environment
  • The External Marketing Environment
  • A Review of Your Current Marketing Plan and Activities

The audit will

  • Reveal how you can find more customers, grow your business and put more on the bottom line
  • Show you how to spend less time and money on other less effective marketing tactics
  • Identify how you can manage and monitor your marketing results more effectively

So, if you are struggling to generate new clients and want to make better use of your marketing budget to get a fantastic return on investment, then start by taking our Free Marketing Audit.

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