10 Easy Steps To Building Powerful Client Relationships

Powerful relationships are so important for business success.  If you are looking to increase value within your client base, either through additional income or by adding value to your service levels, the following tips will help you to ensure that your clients are turning into raving fans.

  1. Assign a higher priority to your client relationships.

It’s so important to let people know that they are valued both through your verbal affirmations and actions.

  1. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings.

Always communicate warmth, genuine care and concern.  The emotions you show for others will lead to reciprocity.  Remember, the same levels of reciprocity can happen if you show negative emotions towards clients. 

  1. Be humble and authentic.

Being genuine towards others will offer a level of vulnerability, but also enable the right amounts of closeness.

  1. Be interested in other people.

Listening, as a tool, is totally under-rated when it comes to showing we care.  Find out what things your clients are interested in; listen and take a genuine interest in them.  This one tip for me is one of the most powerful gifts you can ever give someone – being present while they talk to you.

  1. Take some time to consider the content and tone of the information.

Be careful with any criticism you receive.  Handle it with care and communicate a positive regard for your associates.  Always encourage and promote personal projects.

  1. See the best in the qualities of others.

Let people know what you like and admire about them.  Always provide sincere praise.  The fact that you’ve recognised it shows that you are present and truly listening to them.

  1. Always make time for your clients.

Your business is successful because people buy your products and services.  If you want them to buy more from you and if you want new customers, then treat your customers well.  If relationships are really important, then they’re important enough to invest in.

  1. Behaviour breeds behaviour.

A positive and happy outlook on life attracts like-minded people.  If you want happy, positive and successful clients, then the law of attraction states the same.  Be, and attract the same. 

  1. Create a contract for the relationship.

Loyalty and trust take time to develop and are the foundations of quality long-term relationships.  Therefore, boundaries, confidences, and even those quiet understandings need to be respected.

  1. Appreciate the gift.

We’re only human so you’re going to make mistakes.  Accept this but try instead to see your mistakes as lessons in which to learn from.  Forgiveness and gratitude enable the repair of any breaches that may have occurred in the client relationship.  They express value in the relationship and create an environment whereby you will be able to correct any transgression(s).

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